Spot X Images is a dormant photo agency from my past life as a photographer that markets the work of George Hurchalla.  The notion of "stock" photography is the antithesis of what Spot X was about.  I believed in going that extra step, with the philosophy that if I wasn’t risking my neck as much as the people I was shooting, then I was probably taking a picture that had already been taken. Spot X is that place that I'm always searching for on the road less traveled, a giant hidden couloir in the Tahoe backcountry, a forgotten World War II plane crash in the Florida Everglades, a remote point break in El Salvador. Not that I ignore the concrete jungle, though. because skating and music are also a big part of my life.

     I'm the editor of The Hell With Politics:  The Life and Writings of Jane Wood Reno, the author of two guides on Exploring Florida Beaches for Falcon Guides, published Backcountry Snowboarding and Skiing in the Northern Sierra on my Spot X Guides imprint in 2004, Going Underground: American Punk 1979-1992 with Zuo Press in June 2005. A second printing of the first edition of Going Underground was published in 2006 and an official second edition Going Underground: American Punk 1979-1989was released in April 2016 by PM Press. A French edition on Rytrut Editions was published in 2009. My photos have appeared in numerous Florida and national magazines.

    The mountains of California have been my topographical balance for Florida, and I've worked with top pro snowboarders, skiers, mountain bikers, and kayakers to create dynamic images far more action-oriented than traditional stock photos.  My twelve years of adventuring through the Sierra backcountry has also helped me build a tremendous collection of scenic and wilderness images of the mountains.

    Wanderlust has taken me though the United States and to many foreign lands, and my image libraries contain the most comprehensive set of photos of Nicaragua, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic that you'll find online. My new home in Huatulco, Mexico revived my dormant photographic spirit and there has been a great deal of adventure to be found in this area. From surf to world class whitewater to great diving and fishing to mountain biking to hiking 12,000' peaks, I only have to travel 30 km in any direction to access all of it in this wonderland. A website Huatulco Adventure documents all my exploits there.

    My Portfolio page contains a collection of most of my published clips and information on how to hire me.  Books offers a limited number of first edition copies of The Hell with Politics.    The rest of the categories are self-explanatory tours through my image libraries. For any questions you have, email me at, or contact:


George Hurchalla/Spot X Images

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-George Hurchalla