This is a collection of writings about many of the characters and places of early Florida, during the first half of the 20th century.  Jane Wood Reno, mother of former Attorney General Janet Reno, was one of the greatest of these characters, and her adventures take the reader to the bottom of crystal clear springs, on an undersea sled in the Gulf Stream, conducting the first interview underwater with scuba gear on, out to Green Corn Dances and other events with her Miccosukee Indian friends in the Everglades,  the horrors of the worst hurricane in Florida history, undercover as a black market baby buyer, and many other extraordinary experiences throughout her lifetime.  It captures all the spirit of the Florida that was, when wild places were still wild, and adventure was at every turn.  Better yet, it is a reminder of how many of those wild places can still be found, for those willing to look.  The book contains a foreword by Janet Reno, and can be signed by the editor, myself,  if desired.  


                         Available signed for $20, contact for details.