Though I wasn't a photographer back in the days I was going to hundreds of punk shows in bizarre little venues up and down the East Coast, I was belatedly inspired to start documenting music by the work of underground music photographers who documented the punk era of my book Going Underground: American Punk 1979-1992.  Who knew this culture was going to go mainstream?  Bit funny to watch it all happen -  a music industry with its head in the sand during the Eighties frantically rushing to catch up when the market veered away from where they had tried to steer it.  Even funnier to see "punk rock" in the mainstream, since by definition punk only existed as a reaction and alternative.   Because I have some kind of agoraphobia when it comes to music, I still only go to see bands in clubs.  More often than not they're bands on independent record labels, some well known in the indie world, some obscure.  Check out the following links for my images from live shows.

Superchunk        The Mekons        Royal Grand Prix        Ford Pier    Leatherface    TSOL